Seminar Instructors

Sifu James McIntire

Sifu James McIntire began studying Chinese Martial Arts in 1989 and has been teaching since 2006. He has competed in several national tournaments and continues to be involved as a judge and tournament director.  


Principles of Power Development For External Kung Fu Styles
Great looking forms without power are like a sports car with no engine. In this seminar, we will examine methods to make your techniques powerful and effective with an in-depth look at body mechanics, timing, and intent. Appropriate for students of any level.

Shaolin Temple Master Shi Yanxu

Master Yan Xu is an accomplished Zen master and teacher of traditional Shaolin Temple Kung Fu. He is the founder of the Shaolin Temple Cultural Center USA, and the former Head Coach of Warrior Monks for the Shaolin Temple of China.

Master Shi Yanxu will be teaching a Traditional Shaolin Kung fu form, and holding a 2nd seminar on Shaolin Meridian Healing.


Learn more about Master Yanxu here.

Master Ping Zhen Cheng

Master Ping is a modern reformer of traditional systems of martial arts and meditation systems and founder of "Enlightenment Living" & with over 50 study centers in China.  He is currently the director of Zen (Chan) meditation program at Beijing's Dharma Online Institute. It is China's first & largest non-denominational online meditation studies program. He is also the practice adviser of Maitreya Institute of Zhejiang Buddhism College, one of the largest nunneries of south China. More...


The Universal Secrets of Internal Power & Alchemy Training

Learn the fundamental differences between Internal and External styles and ways to double or even triple both power and tendon strength to any movement or technique for TOTAL quality improvement. Principles covered in this workshop are selected from the teachings of 2 legendary masters, both reformers of Chinese Martial arts: the Bow & Arrow Tongbei theory of Master Ma Fengtu; the dynamic Dantian activation with 8 directional gravitational adjustments & tendon expansion of Master Sun Cunzhou, son of Sun Lutang.