Seminar Instructors

Shaolin Temple Master Shi Yanxu

Then join us Sunday the 19th, for a special Seminar at our school (2773 S Parker Rd Aurora) being held by the Shaolin Temple Master Shi Yanxu teaching Shaolin Zhao Yang Quan and Shaolin Meridian Healing.


Learn more about Master Yanxu here.

​Grandmaster Dr Ye Ruichun

We will be having Grandmaster Dr Ye Ruichun (lineage holder of Ye style Taijiquan) at our school for a special Taijiquan seminar dealing specifically on the correlations between Yang and Ye styles. 


For more information on these exciting seminars contact Sifu Tony Timmer at 720-732-7697 or email

Michael Xia Chongyi


Stephen's martial training (the how) began in concert with his interest in philosophy (the why).  His motto is: When you have enough Why's you have Wise.  He specializes in transmitting a profound understanding of why.  Ask a question and he will show you that you already know why.  There are no hidden treasures only closed eyes.


Stephen is has been featured in Inside Kung-Fu magazine and is known the world over for his engaging personality, kind-hearted approach to teaching and, of course, his world-class skill.  Stephen travels the world offering workshops on various Chinese martial arts.


Stephen Watson is the only person to compete in, referee at, and teach at martial arts tournaments for every umbrella organization at their national level.   He is an International, 18-time US, and now World Champion in Taiji Push Hands.


He operates a small martial arts school in Connecticut where he hosts masters from far and yon.  His teachers include every person he has ever met.  Come be his next teacher.

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