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 Saturday Sept 18   9.00AM  
Denver, CO  

News and Information

We are excited to host the DNCMAC again after missing last year!  Registration is nowopen!

Online Registration is CLOSED! Same Day registration opens at 7:30am on Saturday!

Da Lu Semiar with Sifu James McIntire

Da Lu means "The Big Yield". It is the next step in Taijiquan training after you become proficient at Push-hands. Both of these internal combat training methods utilize the Eight Forces of Taijiquan, which are related to the Eight Primal Energies of the Bagua. Da Lu training expands your Push-hands skills and adds a fun and interesting dimension to your Taijiquan play.

For more information see our Seminar Page.

Drunken Boxing and Chain Whip Semiar with Jade Jackhammer

Jade Jackhammer will be teaching Shaolin basics and the drunken fist taught at the Shaolin Temple. The followup we will be learning the second set of traditional Shaolin basics to aid in learning 9 section chain whip!

For more information see our Seminar Page.