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 Saturday Sept 23   9.00AM  
Denver, CO  

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Sunday Seminar Series

Sunday, Sept 24th at 8am: Sifu Phillip Romero: Insights into Sil Lum Tao

Sifu Romero will be sharing insights into Sil lum Tao. Including the hidden components of the 5 elements and explaining the understanding of Yi Gee Kim Ya Ma. The stance work, its primary purpose, and foundation, which is often overlooked and\or ignored. All based on the kuen kit of Wing Chun. As he was told, “You chew the meat spit out the bones”. This is an opportunity to grasp understanding and insight, as they were intended, and often so missed and overlooked.

For more information see the Seminar Page.

Sunday, Sept 24th at 11:30pm: Sifu Dug Corpolongo: Jiang Style Bagua

Jiang Style Bagua is the style of Baguazhang developed by Jiang Rongqiao. It combined elements Bagua, Xingyi, and Shuai Jiao and was extremely simple and direct. His concept was to focus on developing the fighting essence of the art and not overcomplicating it with intricate forms and flowery movements. The first two Palm Changes concentrate on developing the principles and basic body mechanics of Jiang Style. 

For more information see the Seminar Page.

Sunday, Sept 24th at 3:00pm: Sifu Jade Jackhammer: Shaolin ZuHe Dao (Ancestors Saber)

Join Jade Jackhammer in learning this excellent traditional Saber form. During this seminar, Sifu Jade Jackhammer will be teaching the basic movements of Shaolin saber, then move into the ZuHe Dao form, and then teach the application and compatibility to modern weapons. 

For more information see the Seminar Page.

Online Registration is now open!

Registration is now open! As always expect excellent competition, comradery, and learning!

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