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 Saturday Sept 24   9.00AM  
Denver, CO  

News and Information

We are excited to be working with The Slate Tapestry by Hilton this year. The hotel is just a 20min walk to the venue, and right next to public transit stops, should you wish to see more of Denver.  Get our reduced rates HERE. Be sure to select the correct dates for our event.

Announcing our Sunday Seminar Series Instructors! Held throughout the day on Sunday, September 25th, we are very excited to announce the amazing instructors coming to share their knowledge with us all.  You can find more information on their lessons here.

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Sifu Dug Corpolongo is a Senior Student and Adopted Disciple of Grandmaster Henry Look.  He has been studying Chinese Martial Arts continuously since 1979 and teaching since 1990.

This year Sifu Dug will be teaching XingYi Five Elements Two Person Form

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Master Michael Aronson MBA has over 45 years in the martial arts including Shum’s Ying Jow Pai, Northern Shaolin Nine Birds, Northern Shaolin Long Fist, Yang Tai Chi, Filipino escrima sticks/Espada y espada knives, as well as 5 years of wrestling.

Sifu Aronson will be covering the 1st of 7 principles of Ying Jow, Jow Da Cum Na, or “grab, seize, lock”.


Demitri Daniels stage name "Jade Jackhammer" is a 32nd Generation Shaolin wu gong disciple to 31st generation Shaolin warrior Shi DeCheng, with 35 years of Shaolin kung fu training at the Shaolin temple in China.

Jade Jackhammer will teach some traditional Shaolin basics to aid in learning 9-section chain whip

We are excited to host the DNCMAC this year! We will be at the same location. Registration will be opening soon. As always expect excellent competition, comradery, and learning!

Online Registration is now OPEN!
Sign up now to receive discounted registration.

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